Thin Aluminium Strip for tagger lids

We supply pure aluminium strip, either with a clear, protective lacquer coating or with a heat-seal lacquer coating, in thicknesses from 0.060 to 0.120 mm.

Haomei produces aluminium strip lacquered with a protective coating on both sides for “Penny Lever Closures” or coated with a heat-sealing lacquer on one side for “Peel-off“ applications.

Lids of this “Peel-off” quality can be opened very easily by means of the pre-formed easy open ring or tear-off tab. The lid detaches completely from the can.

Thin Aluminium Strip for tagger lids

Aluminium strip Dimensions

Temper Thickness range 
Coil i.d.
8011 H16 0.20-0.30 1200 203, 300 and 508 +/- 0.01 mm Equivalent to 2 km
 or multiples

Process of aluminium strip

Process of aluminium strip

Application areas

Packaging of powdered foodstuffs (milk, coffee, granulated beverages). Dry products (tobacco, mixed spices)..


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